Mason Evans has a trusted team of qualified engineers and technicians to undertake comprehensive verification services, ensuring the implementation of relevant protection measures and site-specific regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Mason Evans for Verification?

At Mason Evans, our expert team of technicians and engineers are overseen by a management team with decades of experience in verification processes. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, practical approach, and client-focused service to ensure regulatory compliance for remedial works on development sites across the UK.

As a third-party, independent verifier in gas protection measures and environmental capping, we are fully committed to ensuring the verification process is carried out according to the British Standard Code of Practice for the design of protective measures within Methane and Carbon Dioxide ground gases for new buildings BS 8485:2015+A1:2019.

Mason Evans is a member of the British Verification Council and part of the CL:AIRE Gas Protection Verification Scheme. Good practice for verification of ground gas protection measures is outlined within CIRIA C735 and CIRIA C801 Hazardous Ground Gas – A Site Management Guide.

Verifying works

Our Verification Services

Mason Evans provides a complete set of verification services for proposed development sites in the UK, including:

  • Foundation trial digs
  • Verification of foundation horizons
  • Design of gas protection measures
  • Verification of ground gas protection measures
  • Verification of radon protection measures
  • Verification of vapour barriers
  • Verification of environmental capping layers
  • In-situ testing of the capping soils
  • CDP training sessions

We also work closely with house builders across Scotland, supporting projects within the north of Scotland and the central belt. Working alongside qualified installers means we can ensure all gas protection measures have been installed correctly and to design specifications.

Installation of Gas Protection Measures

The installation of gas protection measures is set out in BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 to protect against Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, and VOCs. Based on the verification plan which sets out the project conditions and local authority requirements, independent inspections are now compulsory to ensure gas protection measures have been installed correctly and minimise the risk to life.

Mason Evans works in accordance with CIRIA C735, which outlines good practice within the verification of ground gas protection measures. This guidance is intended for designers, installers, verifiers, and local authorities. An essential part of the verification process is the verification plan, which takes into consideration the need for integrity testing.

Our team operates according to YALPAG Verification Requirements for Cover Systems: Technical Guidance for Developers, Landowners and Consultants (version 4.1, June 2021). We have the resources to undertake detailed in-situ testing on environmental capping layers to ensure the material being utilised is fit for purpose.

Installation of gas protection measures