Mason Evans offers specialist investigations and advice for historical mining and land stabilisation works. This includes coal mining risk assessments, coal authority permits applications, and mineshaft stabilisation and capping.

Why Historical Mining Services?

With a rich history of mining activities in the UK, there is a pressing need to address the legacy of past mining activities. Issues such as ground subsidence resulting from the collapse of mines and mineshafts, groundwater pollution, and excessive ground gas emissions can pose a significant risk to proposed new developments, existing properties, and the beneficial use of land.

At Mason Evans, we understand the complexities of these challenges and offer a range of specialised services to address them effectively. Our skilled team of consultants is committed to delivering innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of mining legacies and ensure the safe and sustainable development of land in the future.

Historical Mining & Land Stabilisation Services

Our Historical Mining & Land Stabilisation Services

Mason Evans provides a full set of historical mining and land stabilisation capabilities, including document interpretation, site investigations and monitoring, and site-specific guidance. We embrace the latest technologies and apply the industry’s best practices to deliver a first-class, client-centred experience for every project.

Our skilled engineers undertake thorough Coal Mining Risk Assessments to identify the potential hazards and risks associated with coal, limestone, oil, shale, and sandstone mining activities. These assessments are essential for informed decision-making in land development projects to streamline project planning and ensure regulatory compliance.

Mining stabilisation works

Our Specialist Services Include:

Coal Authority Permit Applications

Coal Authority Permit Applications

We assist clients in obtaining Coal Authority Permits, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating smooth and timely project approvals.

Interpreting Mine Abandonment Records

Interpretation of Mine Abandonment Records

Our team excels in interpreting mine abandonment records, providing insights into the history and conditions of mines for effective risk assessment and mitigation planning.

Investigation of Mineshaft

Mining Investigations & Subsidence Risk Evaluations

Mason Evans conducts detailed mining investigations and assesses the risk of subsidence, informing proactive strategies to safeguard developments and existing structures.

Detection & Investigation of Mine Shafts

Detection & Investigations of Mineshafts & Adits

Our experts employ advanced techniques to locate and assess mineshafts, minimising potential risks and enabling informed project planning.

Mine Stabilisation

Cost-Effective Mine Stabilisation

Through professional drilling and grouting techniques, we design and implement cost-effective mine stabilisation solutions to ensure land stability.

Development Potential & Advice

Development Potential & Advice

We offer specialist advice on the development potential of former opencast sites, guiding clients through the intricacies of repurposing such areas for new projects.

Stabilisation & Capping of Mineshafts & Adits

Stabilisation & Capping of Mineshafts & Adits

Our expertise extends to the stabilisation and capping of mineshafts, preventing potential hazards and ensuring land stability to safeguard future site users.

Gas & Groundwater Impact Monitoring

Gas & Groundwater Impact Monitoring

We conduct ongoing monitoring to assess and manage the impacts of gas and groundwater caused by historical mining activities, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.

Ground & Subsidence Monitoring

Ground & Subsidence Monitoring

Mason Evans undertakes advanced monitoring services to track ground and subsidence movements, providing real-time data for proactive decision-making and risk management.