Our expert team at Mason Evans offers comprehensive geo-environmental site investigation services for a diverse range of projects across the public and private sectors.

This includes contaminated land, geotechnical and land engineering, historical mining and land stabilisation, and validation services.

Geo-Environmental Site Investigation Services

In all cases of new development and where land or property is potentially impacted by aspects of the ground conditions, site investigations are legally required to ensure public and environmental safety. Geo-environmental investigations will identify risks such as contaminated land or water, foundational instability, and adverse soil settlement to inform design and remediation strategies.

Mason Evans offers a complete set of services for the investigation, remediation, and validation of proposed development sites across the UK. Our team of experienced consultants provides a solution-focused service to all our clients, enhancing the feasibility of sites where it is otherwise marginal due to adverse ground conditions.

We understand the critical role that geo-environmental and geotechnical factors play in the success and sustainability of any site. Whether you require assistance with regulatory compliance, risk management, or technical analysis – our team can guide you through every stage of your project with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Contaminated Land

Our team of experts offer comprehensive contaminated land investigations to help identify, assess, and manage the potential risks associated with industrial sites, former landfills, and brownfield developments.

We provide thorough assessments, remediation strategies, and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and safeguard the environment.

Contaminated Land Services

Geotechnical and Land Engineering

Our land engineering and geotechnical services include desk studies, geotechnical monitoring, foundation advice, slope stability assessments, supervision of earthworks, and more.

We deliver practical solutions that optimise construction processes, mitigate risks, and ensure the long-term stability and safety of structures and developments.

Earthworks Supervision

Historical Mining and Land Stabilisation

We have extensive experience in dealing with the unique challenges posed by historical mining sites, including ground subsidence, groundwater pollution, and excessive gas emissions.

Our team combines risk assessments, coal authority permits applications, and stabilisation techniques to mitigate the environmental risks associated with mining legacies.

Mine Stabilisation


As part of our commitment to quality and compliance, we offer a complete set of verification services to verify the effectiveness of remediation measures and ensure that sites meet regulatory standards and guidelines.

Our thorough verification and environmental regulation compliance process provides clients with the assurance they need to proceed with confidence.


Experienced Geo-Environmental Consultants

Mason Evans prioritises collaboration and communication, working closely with clients to understand their objectives, address their concerns, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

We offer industry-leading geo-environmental site investigation services to the following client base:

  • Developers
  • House builders
  • Distillers
  • Local authorities
  • Contractors
  • Consulting engineers
  • Architects
  • Energy Consultants

And many other professionals where geo-environmental consultancy is essential to ensure the quality and safety of development sites and construction processes.

With years of experience in the field, our team boasts a deep understanding of geological, environmental, and engineering principles. From desk studies and site investigations to final validation reports – our environmental specialists can develop and execute customised, innovative, and client-centric solutions that adhere to all relevant environmental regulations.